Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Walk in the woods

Sometimes you gotta hike. With the national park so close, and a better than 50 percent chance of rain last Thursday, went up a hiked an out and back that I had never done before. Chestnut Top trail near the Wye was the perfect rainy day hike and is probably the best looking trail in the area that is illegal to ride. Oh well. Of course by the end of the hike the weather became beautiful thereby rendering the weather predictors totally worthless. Always good to be outside, especially in the woods.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Back to it

Been a bit since the last post, so a quick update. Round about middle o' December crashed on a night ride at Chuck Norris and landed strange, bruising the left knee but more importantly twisting it as well. Tried to ride a little but it didn't seem right. Got Doc. b to check it- no structural damage, so I just had to rest it. Timing ended up being good with the holidays and all, so lots of extra sleeping and just hanging out for a couple of weeks and now its (been) good to go.

Meanwhile ED has not stopped- ride, ride, ride looking forward to what 2010 events have in store. Luckily, neither one of us has died since the temps here didn't get out of the 30's and were more like teens and 20's most of the first two weeks of the new year and riding has been happenin' fo sure.

Still haven't built the plastic wonderbike yet- had initially planned on moving current parts over and riding it some, then getting all new stuff for racin', but now I'm just gonna get all new stuff and build it right the first time. Not a big hurry, weather has been sucky for off-roading- frozen dirt good but only for as long as you can feel your fingers and toes OR its raining. The exception being the other day where we caught some good Big South Fork action.

Anywhoo, looks like the first racing might be 12 hours of Santos at the Ocala area trails in FLORIDA on Feb. 20th. That sounds way warmer than wondering around Pisgah for 36 hours straight and freezing to death. Southern cross got postponed due to weather and is actually tomorrow, but it ain't happening for either of us. Lots more catching up to do, but later.