Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sorry its been so long......

Last week was strangely absent of blog-type happenings. It was spring break and me and the small one hit the ATL to visit my sis for a couple of days. The GA aquarium is super-bitchin and right across the way is the World of Coca-Cola (where all of your wildest dreams will come true-as long as it has to do with sugary carbonated beverages!!).

Saturday brought on the AMBC poker run which was very well attended and many of the local shops were "checkpoints" in which various tasks had to be performed to get a card from the deck. We made folks sing "I'm a little tea pot" complete with all the dance moves and of course had some refreshments available as well. Thanks to Thomas for making this happen- all the comments have been positive and everyone wants to do this or something like it again ASAP. Larry and I have an idea for a cross-bike digital camera checkpoint ride through town to get to singletrack (think Dirty South) so stay tuned.

Mmmm.... beer and Cliff shot bloks!!!

ED and his angels!

Sunday myself and the Hammer went and did the super tour of Haw. Around 3 and 1/2 hours worth under perfect weather and trail conditions. Muy Bueno!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


The 2009 campaign for Team Ed Racing started Saturday with none other than Ed contesting a 6 hour mountain bike race down in Georgia put on by the great folks of Dirty Spoke productions. Ed had some navigational troubles on the drive down-think dark, mountain highways, rain but he got to sleep around 3 am after the locals gave him the classic directions- "you know drive down this road a few miles to the next intersection. Now don't turn there, go straight past the goats you can't miss it." Anyway, it rained and was muddy but Ed kicked ass riding 5 laps of a 10 mile course (he would have finished 7th in Expert!!). He said that it was run really, really well the course was fun and he had a blast. Not only that the race director gave him a six-pack for getting lost on the way the night before! Sweet. Next stop will be a new version of a previously run race up in Virginia near Roanoke. The stellar folks from Shenandoah Mountain Touring are putting on a 40 miler on the famed Dragon's Back trail and surrounding network on Sunday April 5th. Larry, Jen, myself and ED will be there!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Thursday, wonderful Thursday

Rode from the house because of the impending threat of rain all day (which didn't start till late in the afternoon) cross-bike style. Went to Lake Forest hood, hit all the trails at Hastie WOW!!, into the backside of the Forks, trails and more trails, greenway back into town finishing with my own neighborhood off-road gravel and singletrack.

Ed hit some Rich Mtn. road action in his final preparations to go racing Saturday-Good Luck ED!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Full Moon Wow!

Rocked out with a great group Tuesday night. Me, Wally, The Hammer, Jason S., Josh, Geo. C., The Hard Man from Belgium, Larry, and Jen. Rode from Townsend on the greenway to the Park, left at the Wye and up to Cades Cove. Around the loop to Hyatt and back across to Rich Mtn. road. Out Rich Mtn. and back to Townsend. Started out with it at 79 degrees-on March 10th at 7 pm!!!! Stayed warm the whole ride and we were treated to an unbelievable moon. Crazy bright and its just super-cool being in a place that awesome so close to home. This needs to be a regular ride (I'll do my best). Apparently there may have been some waffles killed on the way home.....

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A few more from BSF

Again super good day (it was Thursday, not Tuesday). Sounds like other Team members rocked BSF yesterday on the most beautiful March day ever! This weekend ED's going racing down in Georgia for a six hour race, so wish him luck as the Team Ed racing season is getting ready to kick into high gear!!
BTW- tonight is full moon madness, so any willing participants should meet in Townsend for some cross bike Cades Cove/Rich Mtn. road action. Check for details.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Big South Fork Photos

We prefer PRO but this will do.

Great riding, beautiful day. Me and Ed rode for 5 and 1/2 hours and enjoyed every bit. There are some trees down but I've heard Grand Gap has been cleared even since we were there on Tuesday!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Random Wednesday Stuff

A long time member of Team ED contacted me recently, partially I'm sure because of the silliness of this blog and because of these super bitchin black jersey we have been sporting as of late. Well, he is has and always will be part of the family and luckily there was one jersey left of appropriate size that is now on its way to New Mexico.

How many Big Brown Trucks does it take to deliver

one cycling jersey?

On similar related nostalgia- the bike that helped start all this rolled through the shop Wednesday night and it brought a little tear to my eye. Ed got fired up about single-speeds years ago because of a cheap Kona that he bought just "to try out" singlespeeding. He liked it enough that he built this beautiful machine that his super-stud daughter is now piloting. This bike has special meaning to me as well because it is the first custom bike that I had helped order for anyone.

Big South Fork recap later....

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Frozen Tundra

Did an hour and half urban fixie ride before TN whipped up on the Gators BBall style on Sunday and I just thought that was cold (wind was blowing pretty hard but the effort and proper cycling attire kept me warm). Tuesday morning however, I thought I'd go mountain biking since all trails should be frozen solid at 19 degrees F. Zipped out to the King since work related activities were to start at 10 and rode around for a little over an hour which was way better than the BLVD. or the trainer. My problem has always been my hands when its really cold, and yesterday was no exception. I've done some cold rides this winter but something happened yesterday that hasn't happened ever. My hands got so cold and then started to "come back" which presumably is when the blood thaws out and actually flows through your hands again and I was in enough pain that I had to stop and dance around in the woods and curse alot before I felt normal. The rest of the day they felt sensitive and cold. If anyone has suggestions for their favorite over-the-top gloves let me know. I know winter is nearly over but I don't stop riding when it gets cold so I will need them next year for sure. Thursday is looking SUPER good for some WARM Big South Fork action!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Throwdown Thursday

Took advantage of the mild Feb. temps. to do a "road ride". Quite possibly the best road ride I've done in awhile because of the lack of traffic and the beautiful scenery. Parked in Walland and went up the closed part of Foothills. Back down, then jumped off onto Carr Creek road, a couple of left turns put me in the middle of Townsend. Greenway to the Park entrance, up to Cades Cove, out Rich Mtn. road back to Townsend finishing on River Road back to Walland. A little over 50 miles and some nice climbing!

Proves that you never know who you will run into out

there. I was almost finished, ED was just getting started.