Friday, December 11, 2009

Winter already!

Out riding in the Smokies last Sunday early A.M. Cold start but beautiful with the snow from Saturday still lingering in the trees and on the gravel roads. Thinking that getting a jump on riding when its freakin' cold might help at Southern Cross and even has me thinking about the Pisgah 36..........

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Just when you thought it was over....

....the season continued at the 6-hours of Lock 4 mountain bike race in middle TN a couple of weeks ago. ED went on the new plastic 29er and threw it down! There wasn't an old man class so he jumped in with the sport guys, many of whom he could have been their dad, and cruised for a 3rd place finish! He had time to do another lap (6 laps in 5 hours) but it wouldn't have changed his place. Daughter of ED "little bit" went and caused trouble in the expert women's class getting 3rd and being in the $$!! (They did the same number of laps and he is still faster than her!) Also, dholmes traveled along and rode to an awesome 2nd place in the SS class and was also in the $$!! Sweet!

The worst part about this time of year is that racing options (unless its cross) are pretty limited and I know that after the Swank (for me) and Lock 4 (for ED) we were both fired up and wanted another event to do, something, anything at least 4 or 5 hours and not a billion miles of driving to get to. So, a couple of weeks ago I spent two hours on the computer looking for this "event" and the only things I could find were a 6-hour race on Long Island, NY and a 42 mile race on the other side of San Antonio, TX. Oh well........southern cross will be the next thing and the start of the 2010 season-we can't wait!

By the way, this came yesterday and I will be kicking people's asses aboard this beautiful bicycle next year.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Kicking it Swank Style!

Last Sunday was the 11th annual Swank 65 (k) in Pisgah. Did this event for the first time two years ago and it was super awesome because 1. its Pisgah, 2. the weather for the first weekend in Nov. was pretty dang good, 3. i traveled with Ed, Larry, and wife of Larry, 4. rode myself into 2nd place SS, and 16th overall without realizing it. Time goes by, blah, blah, this year has been the year to do more stupid-long endurance type events for me ever and this seemed a fitting way to end the "season". Sure, if something pops up it could happen but for me any serious racing is most likely done (Ed did do the 6-hour race at Lock 4 yesterday-more on that later). Some good K-town folk signed up- Googe who is always crazy strong, Shawn from Harper's , and Ben whose genes allow him to ride any type of bike anywhere, anytime. Left early in the AM Sunday and with 40 being closed detoured through Newport and Hot Springs to dump out on the North side of Asheville. Ended up only taking about 20 minutes longer travel time which was good. Got to the Fish hatchery area, got ready, and lined the bikes up for the LeMans start. Ran (stupid) then got to pedalling, nice gradual uphill singletrack to start, except that I was in the dreaded "train". Found myself with Shawn and we started passing when able but knowing there was a good section of doubletrack at the top of the climb. The course did an awesome job of singletrack, forest road, back and forth highlighting the fish hatchery trails all of which are good. I could tell that Shawn was going good-climbing well and descending superbly (full-suspension, great knowledge of Pisgah, and of course skill help alot). I'd be lying if I said that I didn't want to beat him, and that there weren't separate classes-OPEN men, so we were all against each other. Anyway, we basically climbed up to Butter Gap together but he got me on the downhill. Then it was the not so steep but all singletrack up Longbranch and by the second time up to Glouchester and the rest stop I had caught up again. Then the infamous steep forest climb to Farlow where the descent off Farlow was more about survival with a little riding thrown in. Stayed in front of Shawn's group up the climb and caught a guy who at the time was the second place single-speeder. We rode together out to Farlow and then the crazy stuff started-rocky, steep, leaf-covered goodness, scary but ridable I made it farther than I thought I would but as soon as I started walking, I heard the tires coming and I knew it was Shawn. Just had to keep going, not get hurt and when back on the bike ride hard. Made my way down staying in contact with the SS guy and another dude on a FS rig untill it really opened up and they were gone (SS guy come to find out was running a 32-18 29er!!) At the last rest stop someone said I was top 15 and that made me very pleased, so I quit worrying about Shawn or anyone else and just wanted to maintain that position and if I caught anyone in the process so be it. Flat, rolling trail/forest road to the base of the last forest road climb one I know well from riding over there and is the perfect grade for me not too steep, not too gradual and the last chance to make time and/or make sure no one catches me. Pretty much went into the "red zone" and after racing for over 3 hours this effort was hurting but I knew where the top was and that it was mostly downhill singletrack to the finish. Caught SS guy and FS guy about half-way up the climb said "hey" and just kept truckin'. Later the ss guy told me he tried to tack on but didn't have anything left. Made it up, then navigated the singletrack back to the start/finish without killing myself and ended up coming in just over 4 hours and almost 9 minutes. Only a handfull of minutes behind Shawn and good for 13th place out of 138 finishers!! Very pleased, very tired but my helper for the day (ED came over but didn't race) had a tasty recovery beverage ready for me at the finish!! Googe came in about 20 minutes later, and Ben rode incredible for right at 5 hours! Great day of racing (thanks to Shawn!!) Weather was unbelievably good-sunny and topped out at around 70!! Burgers, beer, won a 29er tire and then Ed and I fired up Papa's and Beer before driving back to K-town!! Thanks to my partner in crime ED for traveling with me-again a great day on the bike (second best of the year-Shenandoah being the best day on the bike this year!!) Looking very forward to doing more of all this in 2010!

Monday, November 2, 2009

12 hours of the Hill 'o Mud

The 11th annual 12 hour race at Haw Ridge happened Saturday (halloween-style) and of course as is the trend for most of this year it rained and rained alot overnight Friday and through the better part of the day for the race. As many of you know Haw is really fun when its dry and really sucky when wet. The first few laps were probably the best because it was raining and keeping things wet and managable. Team Asswipe' -myself , Jason S., Googe, and the "Hammer" raced single-speeds in the Open class. We decided doing two laps in a row each would make sense and mean less times getting cleaned up-once dirty stay dirty longer. Matt went first and cranked it, Jason second, myself third and the hammer cleaning up. All I know is that my laps (5th and 6th) were merely an exercise in staying upright. Not sure if I would consider myself as "racing" but we participated and had fun despite the conditions. Matt had decided to leave to go to the football game anyway and I got the call to go trick or treating, so I think we knew going in that the weather and other events of the day would influence how much "racing" would happen. Still though it was really fun. A big part of this event is hanging out and my teammates are people that I truly enjoy the company of-big thanks to them for rallying to make the team happen. Also, the support crew of the Hann's and Basile's was unbelievable!! I should know by now that these folks bring the "A" game every time and they, along with the camper, made the day so much better than it would have been. Awesome food, and a hot post-laps shower!! Big thanks to JB for putting on this event. The weather wasn't very good, but the vibe was great as always. I know its a tremendous amount of work to make it happen and I hope the Knoxville cycling community appreciates your hard work.

Next stop, Swank 65-Pisgah-style on Sunday!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

ED's new weapon

It lives. It hung as a frame/fork for a few weeks, but he (I) could'nt stand it any longer. It had to be built. Just so happens it is in time for the 12 hours of Haw. We'll see what the weather brings- chance of rain in the forecast but we hope for the best! At any rate this bike is superbadasssweetdaddyjones- it's pretty light too..........

Those old dudes in the hundred mile series better watch out and they better not get fat and lazy over the winter cause IT has already started.........

Monday, October 26, 2009

Fall Fun Continued

Me and Ed kicked it a couple of weeks ago, Big South Fork style. Trails were of course perfect, some colors starting to do their thing, lovely Hoptoberfest courtesy of New Belgium, and 45 miles (mostly singletrack) of single-speeding goodness!
On another note, ED, super-stud boy went to the Ocho 8-hour race at Panther Creek last weekend and easily won the single-speed class AND had the second fastest time overall of everyone!! What a ride!! Next up the fall cornerstone race- 12 hour at Haw. Looks like Ed is flying solo, and I have a fast single-speed team lined up. Should be a fun day!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More Fall Fun (I promised)

Pisgah-style mountain biking from about three weeks ago. Colors just starting to change, beautiful day, and 45 miles of solo, single-speeding glory!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall Fun

The often seen East TN plastic cow!

Still not sick of those cool-ass black jerseys!

Lots o' good rides been happening, some cooler temps. colors changing and just good old fashioned fun. These are from a ride with ED and young D-rock and few weeks ago as I am way behind on blogging. Starting to catch up and there are lots of pictures to be posted, so stay tuned.

Monday, October 12, 2009

More on the best race of the year....

The pictures told the story of Shenandoah Mountain 100- awesome day, perfectly run event, great legs, super bike, and lots of laughs (afterwards). Even though Ed and I were it from K-town this year we went and represented better than ever. VIP campsite (by accident) our best Shenandoah race times ever, and hanging with the Kentucky crew made it a truly wonderful experience. Even though the year isn't over it would hard to top this- Durango probably would have come close but that is another (still kicking myself) story.............
Anyhoo, Ed did a 10:45 bettering his previous best by over an hour, and I rocked the SS for my best time ever of 9:13, over an hour faster as well and crushing my last years SS time of 10:55!!
Ed ended up 6th in the 50+ for the NUE series!!!!!!!!!!! We are still fired up and this just serves for motivation to go even better next year.

Meanwhile, we have still been riding lots with a few events still possible this fall. There is an 8 hour race at Panther Creek this week and of course the 12 hour at Haw is on Halloween. I have signed up for the Swank over in Pisgah which is a great event as well. Fall ride pictures abound-maybe in a few days..........

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Still kicking it

Anyone who visits Team Ed Racing probably has noticed the "big dumb ride" list on the sidebar and also may have noticed no race reports in quite some time. The big dumb rides have been happening, especially for Ed, just not in an organized and pay for them mode- more in the "preparation" ( I hate to say training ) mode. Sometimes time gets crunched, other things come up and the reality for myself is not taking 80 Saturdays off a year.....

Anyway, kicking myself for not going to ORAMM and at least making Dicky sweat a little for now though everything focuses on the best event ever the Shenandoah Mountain 100. After a two year lay-off and now the owner of "adult-sized" mountain bike wheels, I'm pretty excited about going just to see what can happen. ED is flying and freakin' skinny and is very ready to head to north Georgia for Fool's Gold this weekend, so by Monday or Tuesday there will finally be some type of racing report and I'm sure a good story.

In the mean time a few more from Italy......

Monday, July 27, 2009

Riding in Italy....

...doesn't suck. But first I had to have my road pedals installed. After the tennis shoe ride I looked at what was around tool-wise. Broken multi-tool and some type of snips.

This combo provided just enough leverage to get the mountain pedals off and of course install the road pedals (because they don't have to be THAT tight) and I could now be in full-on euro roadie mode.