Sunday, May 3, 2009

Other stuff out there

Recovery from Cohutta was way better than expected. One thing that helped was hanging with A.J. and going to a Smokies baseball game and enjoying hot dogs, popcorn, and large cups of yellow beer. Spun around Monday morning just to make sure the legs still worked and with Thursday approaching, realized that the legs were pretty damn good all things considered. I already knew that riding may not happen because my best pal in the world "Smithboy" was coming up to the mountains with his merry gang of flat-landers to do their annual hike and overnight at Mt. LeConte. Their plan was to hike up Thursday (my day off) and spend the night at the lodge and come back down on Friday. I figured that this was a perfect opportunity to do something different but still have some movement. Met up with the crew on Thursday morning and hiked up Alum Cave trail mostly with the group and then back down on my own. Makes one realize how great the Park is and how close it is and that all of us should take advantage of it and never, ever take it for granted.

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