Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Still kicking it

Anyone who visits Team Ed Racing probably has noticed the "big dumb ride" list on the sidebar and also may have noticed no race reports in quite some time. The big dumb rides have been happening, especially for Ed, just not in an organized and pay for them mode- more in the "preparation" ( I hate to say training ) mode. Sometimes time gets crunched, other things come up and the reality for myself is not taking 80 Saturdays off a year.....

Anyway, kicking myself for not going to ORAMM and at least making Dicky sweat a little for now though everything focuses on the best event ever the Shenandoah Mountain 100. After a two year lay-off and now the owner of "adult-sized" mountain bike wheels, I'm pretty excited about going just to see what can happen. ED is flying and freakin' skinny and is very ready to head to north Georgia for Fool's Gold this weekend, so by Monday or Tuesday there will finally be some type of racing report and I'm sure a good story.

In the mean time a few more from Italy......

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