Monday, November 2, 2009

12 hours of the Hill 'o Mud

The 11th annual 12 hour race at Haw Ridge happened Saturday (halloween-style) and of course as is the trend for most of this year it rained and rained alot overnight Friday and through the better part of the day for the race. As many of you know Haw is really fun when its dry and really sucky when wet. The first few laps were probably the best because it was raining and keeping things wet and managable. Team Asswipe' -myself , Jason S., Googe, and the "Hammer" raced single-speeds in the Open class. We decided doing two laps in a row each would make sense and mean less times getting cleaned up-once dirty stay dirty longer. Matt went first and cranked it, Jason second, myself third and the hammer cleaning up. All I know is that my laps (5th and 6th) were merely an exercise in staying upright. Not sure if I would consider myself as "racing" but we participated and had fun despite the conditions. Matt had decided to leave to go to the football game anyway and I got the call to go trick or treating, so I think we knew going in that the weather and other events of the day would influence how much "racing" would happen. Still though it was really fun. A big part of this event is hanging out and my teammates are people that I truly enjoy the company of-big thanks to them for rallying to make the team happen. Also, the support crew of the Hann's and Basile's was unbelievable!! I should know by now that these folks bring the "A" game every time and they, along with the camper, made the day so much better than it would have been. Awesome food, and a hot post-laps shower!! Big thanks to JB for putting on this event. The weather wasn't very good, but the vibe was great as always. I know its a tremendous amount of work to make it happen and I hope the Knoxville cycling community appreciates your hard work.

Next stop, Swank 65-Pisgah-style on Sunday!

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