Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Winner winner chicken dinner!

Knoxiecross has been happening, but I've been too busy training- doing longish rides then getting back for the little man's b-ball games on Sundays. Well, after catching good-natured grief for not showing up to any, I figured I'd jump in the last round especially since it was at Morningside park, site of the very first Knoxiecross. Best part was that Saturday night I stayed up until 2 and had many beers, so the morning brought doubts about going but again I didn't feel like hearing it so off I went, running late of course and with half a lap warm-up it was ON! Got in the masters group with the geared plastic wonderbike and after so rubbing with the Hammer and some karate on the first dismount/run-up, I was ready to race. Myself and Sean E. quickly got a gap on the 2nd lap and from there it was me and him and eventually I slowly creeped away from him ( he had just raced the 4's, so very strong to jump right in the masters ). It felt good to win something and I wished I didn't have to leave so I could have shown those SS boys how its done!! Ha- don't know if anything would have been left, plus friend/co-worker/cross phenom Joel M. is crazy strong and stomped it down real good. Reminds me of J.T.- if JM rode half as much as he did he would crush the Pro 1/2's as well. Good stuff, maybe next year I'll do more of them. Hats of to the TVB crew, they were "tail-gating" drinking, cooking and cheering like mad and made it a great atmosphere!!

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