Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pisgah/Dupont adventure continued

Beautiful Dupont senery

ED kicking it on the top of Big Rock Candy Mountain!

Crazy enough to see an airstrip in the middle of the woods, but the basketball
goal put it over the top. If there was a ball I would have worked on my free throws.

The camera did a nice job of capturing the beginnings of our
beer induced haze that started at the Asheville Brew n' View.
We are going to use this for when we promo our Beastie Boys
cover band- WIKI, WIKI, WIKI, WIKI!

Sunrise from the back porch of team headquarters on
Tuesday morning before heading back to K-town. ED
got to stay and ride one more day and did the super tour
of Bent Creek. Maybe he took some photos...........

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