Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Winner, winner chicken dinner!!

As mentioned the other day, Ed texted "I won!" and finally at work on Monday we got to hear the rest of the story AND see the hardware. In classic Ed fashion it rained 3 inches the day before the race-think last year-but it sounded like the trails were good except for some mud holes here and there. Fun, fast flowing singletrack without any major big climbs made for a fast course said Ed-its so hard not to go all Dr. Seuss-and by doing 6 laps over the 9 something mile course faster than all of the other 50+ guys he got to bring home this:

Good stuff for sure, hell Ed's time would have been good for 3rd in the 19-29 class! Sounds like a quality event with good organization and post-ride meal included with entry fee. D. Holmes went with Ed and looks to have had a great ride as well finishing 4th and of course going up against the fastest of the fast.

BTW the trophy needed some modifications expertly handled by Harkleroadster to make it more personal:

Oh yeah, Cohutta is just around the corner. Looks like Ed is firing on all cylinders for sure and is going to kick some serious boot-tay!


  1. Ed is way hotter than that guy.
    Exactly, what is the recipient of that lovely, lovely statue supposed to DO with it? Is it a keg tap? A boot scraper? Does it dispense M & M's???

  2. That is an awesome statue, I would carry that thing with me everywhere just so that people knew that I was awesome! Way to go ED... Keep rocking man,

  3. the more I look at the statue the more I realize that ed looks like lance