Monday, April 6, 2009

Back In Black

My first round of non-blogging happened and all I can say is "I'm sorry, it was all my fault, it will NEVER happen again." This sentence works really well if you are in trouble with your significant other, but you have to mean it.

Anyway, stuff's been happening, rides have come and gone, baseball has started for A.J., my key blogging time has been interrupted by some home improvements going on and blah, blah, blah.

Two Tuesdays ago, huge group ride at Hastie, B Hann's, Forks-"Dirty South" 25 people for an after work ride-incredible!! Ed raced the road TT in Rutledge put on by SCO in full TEAM ED racing kit, on his fixed-gear cross bike complete with clip on aerobars!! (wish there was a photo). He finished the 40K course in 1 hour and 8 min. beating many with "real" road bikes and I'm sure many with aero wheels. Done a couple of fixie rides myself as I was truly inspired by Ed's race and realized what better way to really work if you are only riding for two hours than to never coast.

True race season has finally started for many of the Team Ed faithful. Sure Ed's ahead with a 6 hour race and the TT under his belt, me and the Hammer contested some cyclocross, but this weekend it has begun in full-force. What is also evident is the far reaching nature of our small but strong team. The true sign of a race team is that several members can be in different places and still cause trouble. Ed previewed the gravel road section of the Cohutta 100 course on Saturday (ended up with 80 miles in the woods!) The Hammer, Keith D, Phillip B went to the SERC cross-country style SS race at Tsali Sunday, and me and Larry went to Virginia for the Dragon's Tale 40 put on by the good folks at Mountain Touring. Everyone has stories yet to hear and mine alone about yesterday is long enough for another day........

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