Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sorry its been so long......

Last week was strangely absent of blog-type happenings. It was spring break and me and the small one hit the ATL to visit my sis for a couple of days. The GA aquarium is super-bitchin and right across the way is the World of Coca-Cola (where all of your wildest dreams will come true-as long as it has to do with sugary carbonated beverages!!).

Saturday brought on the AMBC poker run which was very well attended and many of the local shops were "checkpoints" in which various tasks had to be performed to get a card from the deck. We made folks sing "I'm a little tea pot" complete with all the dance moves and of course had some refreshments available as well. Thanks to Thomas for making this happen- all the comments have been positive and everyone wants to do this or something like it again ASAP. Larry and I have an idea for a cross-bike digital camera checkpoint ride through town to get to singletrack (think Dirty South) so stay tuned.

Mmmm.... beer and Cliff shot bloks!!!

ED and his angels!

Sunday myself and the Hammer went and did the super tour of Haw. Around 3 and 1/2 hours worth under perfect weather and trail conditions. Muy Bueno!

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  1. Enjoying the Team Ed Blog. I told you I would send you a link to my blog (it's only found with a direct link, no google), so here you are

    It's mostly family stuff with a little cycling thrown in.