Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Frozen Tundra

Did an hour and half urban fixie ride before TN whipped up on the Gators BBall style on Sunday and I just thought that was cold (wind was blowing pretty hard but the effort and proper cycling attire kept me warm). Tuesday morning however, I thought I'd go mountain biking since all trails should be frozen solid at 19 degrees F. Zipped out to the King since work related activities were to start at 10 and rode around for a little over an hour which was way better than the BLVD. or the trainer. My problem has always been my hands when its really cold, and yesterday was no exception. I've done some cold rides this winter but something happened yesterday that hasn't happened ever. My hands got so cold and then started to "come back" which presumably is when the blood thaws out and actually flows through your hands again and I was in enough pain that I had to stop and dance around in the woods and curse alot before I felt normal. The rest of the day they felt sensitive and cold. If anyone has suggestions for their favorite over-the-top gloves let me know. I know winter is nearly over but I don't stop riding when it gets cold so I will need them next year for sure. Thursday is looking SUPER good for some WARM Big South Fork action!!

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  1. Enjoying the blog, Gary. Keep the posts a comin'.

    My blog is a ride/family deal, but you might enjoy posts from time to time.