Friday, March 6, 2009

Random Wednesday Stuff

A long time member of Team ED contacted me recently, partially I'm sure because of the silliness of this blog and because of these super bitchin black jersey we have been sporting as of late. Well, he is has and always will be part of the family and luckily there was one jersey left of appropriate size that is now on its way to New Mexico.

How many Big Brown Trucks does it take to deliver

one cycling jersey?

On similar related nostalgia- the bike that helped start all this rolled through the shop Wednesday night and it brought a little tear to my eye. Ed got fired up about single-speeds years ago because of a cheap Kona that he bought just "to try out" singlespeeding. He liked it enough that he built this beautiful machine that his super-stud daughter is now piloting. This bike has special meaning to me as well because it is the first custom bike that I had helped order for anyone.

Big South Fork recap later....


  1. Hey GMONEY! I see you have blog! SWEET!

  2. It is here! Weeping now, photos soon. I shall love it and wear it proud. Thanks pals!