Tuesday, March 17, 2009


The 2009 campaign for Team Ed Racing started Saturday with none other than Ed contesting a 6 hour mountain bike race down in Georgia put on by the great folks of Dirty Spoke productions. Ed had some navigational troubles on the drive down-think dark, mountain highways, rain but he got to sleep around 3 am after the locals gave him the classic directions- "you know drive down this road a few miles to the next intersection. Now don't turn there, go straight past the goats you can't miss it." Anyway, it rained and was muddy but Ed kicked ass riding 5 laps of a 10 mile course (he would have finished 7th in Expert!!). He said that it was run really, really well the course was fun and he had a blast. Not only that the race director gave him a six-pack for getting lost on the way the night before! Sweet. Next stop will be a new version of a previously run race up in Virginia near Roanoke. The stellar folks from Shenandoah Mountain Touring are putting on a 40 miler on the famed Dragon's Back trail and surrounding network on Sunday April 5th. Larry, Jen, myself and ED will be there!

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