Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I'm just saying....

Sometimes you don't feel like sitting at the computer and doing this. Hell yes we have been riding but just now am I feeling the inspiration flow from the fingers to the keyboard. By now everyone knows that Dirt Sweat and Gears was a disaster. Torrential rains all week left the place a giant mud pit and many, including ED didn't even do one entire lap because the conditions were so bad. Sounds like there was plenty of beer and those that had made the trip at least got to party like rock stars!

Ed's been killing himself regularly during the week by riding more and more-crazy long climb-fests. I really have just tried to maintain what I left Cohutta with in the hopes it would be enough to go do Mohican.

Well, it all fell into place for me to join ED and dholmes for the trip to Ohio to do the next NUE 100 miler. We left K-town and drove through rain near the KY border but soon drove into sunshine and beautiful weather but despite what Ed had told me about how hilly it was and how good the singletrack was, I still had my doubts. Sure enough, about an hour past Columbus when we got off the interstate it got hilly-nothing long but it was shaping up to look like the course would be alot of UP and DOWN. Got to the campground early afternoon and did the tent thing and stayed with the theme of eating all day.

More later........


  1. you stole my line!

    where's the picture of the ricketity hitch rack that i have heard oh so much about?

  2. you guys are so A list made the official knoxville bicycling blog list ( had no idea that "team ED" ran so deep into society, kind of like in that movie the skulls...
    Also I agree with E, you stole her line. You'll need to fix that before she sicks the roomba on you all.