Thursday, June 11, 2009

Laying the smack down

Its coming up on a week since the 12 hour race at Panther Creek (Disc Burner) but words must be said. In the open class "jasons chili" featuring faithful Team Ed members rode their happy single-speeding butts to FIRST place overall. Not only that but KeithD. laid down the fastest lap of the day of anyone with 39 minutes flat!! Superbadasssweetdaddyjones! Jason, "The Hammer", and Bhann rounded out the team-loaded for sure-not loaded like the fast TVB guy, but quite possibly the best 12 hour team that could be assembled. ED rode his single speed in the 6-hour ss class and probably was racing against people half his age came in third-only a few minutes out of second. All this only a week after doing 100 at the Mohican AND being sick all week! Stud-boy for sure! Sounded like a quality event made possible by dholmes and "little bit" (daughter of ED). Great course, plenty of beer, and quality racing in every class-keep up the good work dave!

On another note, the Tuesday speedway smackdown at the Queen has fired up again due in large part to a motion by "The Hammer" and me being able to attend now that baseball for the boy is over. Guest appearances abound but none better than Clark-O (BTW he raced with a team at Panther Creek too-HE's BA-ACK!!)

Even the roadies have decided that some time in the dirt might actually do them some good!

These freakin guys are killing some road racing lately. I just wish the club wasn't paying entry fees back or they would be sporting the beautiful BLACK jersey at crits and what-not.

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