Monday, June 8, 2009

Mohican continued

On from rest stop one, more great singletrack connected by some cool backroads-alot of the one laners are still gravel. I remember someone talking about being on private property to make this giant loop happen and wondered if those trails would be any good. The first real sense of that was heading down a road that said "no outlet" and quickly became someones driveway. Rest stop number two was at someones house basically in the garage!! Good country folk (Ohio-style) as the garage was filled with stuffed deer heads, who built some awesome singletrack on their land. I had caught up with dholmes before this stop (he had crashed) and when we entered the woods I was telling him I thought we had just entered the "dirty south" ride. Looked alot like bhanns work-flowing trail and the sense that you better not stray too far for fear of ending up on the wrong side of the property line! Trail dumped out on the road which lead to more seasoned mountain-bike trail and rest stop number four. I quickly got some stuff and headed off into what would be the longest time mileage wise between stops-24 miles. Endured a flat gravel road by the river, then the worst of the day a flat "trail" which was a rail trail that went on forever! Single-speed hell as I could pedal at about 13 miles an hour and I have never wanted to go uphill so bad in my life. Finally it ended and the course made its way through some more private property that again had amazing singletrack.
(we'll wrap this up later)

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