Friday, June 5, 2009

Mohican 100 Race report part one

So, Friday evening none of us wanted whatever unexciting food we brought for dinner, so luckily for us there was a pizza place on the main road right next to the entrance for the campground. Went in and realized the buffet was the way to go (carbo-loading) for me and Dave, while Ed got a large pizza with the plan being half now and half before bed. Went back to the tents and while the weather forecast for Saturday called for no rain, the once sunny skies were looking ominous right around sunset. A little breeze whipped up and sure enough some light rain followed as well as many explitives from the mouth of Ed. Last year it rained something like 3 inches overnight which left the trails quite slippery and Ed didn't like the thought of that happening again. Light rain though, then it stopped, then once in my tent it started and sounded pretty steady. Did some reading and then slept great-must not have rained to hard because there were these under the bikes in the morning-

Oh yeah, the racoons ate the pizza and opened Ed's cooler and ate his bagels. More later......

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  1. Evidence of ancient bicycles carved in the living rock! Go racoons!